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This is an exclusive channel for receiving Complaints of conduct that are in disagreement with our Code of Ethical Conduct and other relevant legislation, such as: Suspected conflicts of interest, inadequate posture in serving internal and external customers, moral/sexual harassment, fraud, corruption, leaking or misuse of information and any attitude or fact that violates current laws or Look Chemicals rules and policies.

Filling Instructions:

Please describe the situation that motivated you to search this Channel. It is important that your ticket is complete and detailed. Don't forget to include in the description:

  • What happened (situation description);
  • When (date it happened);
  • Where (Report location);
  • Who (name of persons involved, including Witnesses);
  • Why (the cause or reason);
  • Evidence (if they exist and where they can be found).

Evidence (if they exist and where they can be found). We ensure that any and all reports will be received directly by the company's Ethics Committee, investigated and treated with complete confidentiality and impartiality. Look Química does not tolerate retaliation or retaliation against anyone who makes a good faith report on this Channel. We appreciate your initiative and confidence!

We reiterate that the purpose of the Channel is not to obtain personal information, however, due to the nature of the demonstration, this could happen. Therefore, all information is protected and any personal data provided will be treated in accordance with current legislation.